Now is a great time to get your home ready for winter. Weather in Colorado can change quickly and it is important to do a few key things to properly maintain and care for your property as winter approaches.


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1) It is important to clean out all debris from gutters and downspouts to ensure proper and optimal functionality through the winter months.

2) It is necessary to blow out sprinkler and irrigation lines to prevent freezing and damage to system.

3) Walk the exterior of your home and check all windows, doors, siding, and flashing to make sure all gaps and cracks are properly caulked and sealed to prevent moisture and cold air penetration.

4) Make sure all doors and windows are sealing properly and weather striping is in tact and functioning effectively. Ensuring all doors and windows are properly sealing will save you money on your utilities bills throughout the winter.

5) Inspect all exterior decks, stairs, and any other structures made of wood of other materials susceptible to moisture penetration and deterioration. Prolonged periods of exposure to standing snow along with freezing and thawing can accelerate material deterioration.


Follow these helpful tips and keep your home properly maintained and safe through the winter season.

Give us a call to discuss any of these items or any other projects you have been considering taking on before the weather turns.




Getting ready for Winter
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